Build Services

Pre-Construction, Wall Construction and General Contracting Services

We understand each project is unique and requires its own approach to design and construction. Depending on location, owner involvement, budget and labor resources, we can support projects in a variety of ways, such as:


This involvement includes initial site visits to locate the building and determine other improvements that need to be made. Cost estimating, value engineering, and consultation on building systems continue as the project progresses through the completion of design and engineering.

Wall Construction

We can either provide full earthen wall construction services to the top of bond beam (see Figure below), including plaster services. Alternatively we can provide on and off-site consultation to make sure walls are properly installed and protected by the selected contractor. We are teamed with masons that can provide services throughout Colorado.​

General Construction

We can provide full contracting services for your build. Our licensed contractor, Mark Scully, has been building since 1980 and is dedicated to high quality and high-performance construction. Mark is available also to consult and support your local contractors as needed.​

To gain specific feedback on your project, please visit here to set up a call.

Mark Scully
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About Mark Scully 

Mark has the building business in his blood. Like his Grandfather and father before him, Mark has created a tradition of quality and accountability that has made Mark a leader in the local industry. Based in Eagle County, Colorado, Mark is available to support your project in a variety of ways from project estimating, design and structural solutions, building codes, local regulations, materials purchasing and site management.

Typical Wall Section

Below is a typical wall section that shows how a one-story earthen masonry wall could be built using a double wall system. It is possible to build two stories with earthen masonry, however a concrete bond-beam (shown in below in item #3) would be required between floor levels. All our structures are engineered according to applicable building codes for reinforced masonry.

Typical Ecoblox Wall Section Detail

Want to dive deeper into the construction and performance of earthen masonry? 

We understand there is a lot of information to digest when considering building outside the normal way of doing things.  Please visit our Resource Page to learn more about foundation types, energy performance and compliance, building codes, and much more!