Training and Educational Seminars

In addition to our hands-on workshops, we offer training and seminars for the purpose of educating students, builders, developers and home owners on earthen walls.  We realize the need to disseminate information on the techniques of this wall construction system, the benefits, the engineering, and thermal properties. 

Architectural and Engineering Services

We provide specialized architectural design and engineering services to home owners and contractors.  Our team has extensive background designing and constructing adobe and CEB buildings, and will provide benefit to your project through value engineering. To request more information on our services submit an email describing your project and the help you need.

Block Supply

We can supply your project with locally produced earthen building material.  Our blocks meet and exceed standards set by the New Mexico Earth Building Code.  We can also provide you with screened material for mortar and earthen plaster as needed.    

Construction Support

Depending on the level of construction support needed, what we find works well is to work directly with local masons in your area.  Here we can mentor and guide both skilled and untrained workers to be competent block layers.  The process is easy to learn, as beautiful results have been achieved by novices. 

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