When the Best Way to Learn is Hands-On

We understand that often the best way to learn is doing it! If you’re a hands-on learner and want to gain valuable knowledge about adobe and CEB construction, come and learn in one of our workshops. 

James Anthony is a master bovedero with more than two decades of experience. Having brought his craft to over five countries to deliver custom designs for each client, he has become known for his extraordinary craftsmanship, attention to detail, and creative vision. Though his work is endlessly inspired by giants such as Rafael Guastavino and Antoni Gaudí, James was largely self taught and continues to break barriers of what can be done to create beautiful and unique masonry features. James is constantly looking for new projects to utilize his craft.


Colorado Earth is offering a virtual experience of the Dome Workshop – video recording of the three days will be made into a final video showcasing the construction process. To purchase a copy of this experience, please click HERE to learn more.

Photos of our two Workshops in June 2018

Check out a video from one of 2017 workshops:
Workshops are a fun way to get involved in understanding how earthen walls are built. The block laying methods are simple and can be learned in a day. The knowledge gained in participating in the construction of a complete wall is worth more than reading books or watching online videos. We firmly believe one of the most effective ways to transfer information is to work with our hands in a shared experience with others.

Pictures of our Workshops